Gramática Avanzada Del Español

Analyzing Spanish grammar

This is a course intended for advanced learners of Spanish at the third or fourth year college level. The book is organized around the main elements that come together to form sentences in Spanish. We start with several chapters devoted to the verb, analyzing tense, mood, and aspect, among other things. We then go on to analyze a specific verb category: verbos copulativos. We continue on with those elements that often surround the verb to deliver complex messages: subject, direct and indirect objects, and modifiers. All in all, the course presents a review of the most important grammatical concepts in Spanish. It combines a semantic approach to grammar, with a more traditional, syntax-based approach. This combination allows us to link the more traditional presentation of grammatical concepts such as preterite and imperfect or indicative vs. subjunctive with a less traditional perspective that emphasizes the impact that grammar has on meaning. In our experience this combination is the most successful way of assuring that advanced students, already familiar with the use of the concepts being explained, acquire a deep-rooted understanding of the reasons why "the rules" they have studied actually work and why sometimes those rules cannot be applied to certain contexts.

In contrast with other advanced grammar courses, we also try to pay attention to cultural content in the delivery of grammatical explanations. Paella para el almuerzo en EspañaThus, whenever possible, we introduce relevant cultural information in the texts that we use to exemplify concepts. Delicious treats in a restaurant in Cuzco, PerúIn this way, students can review the direct and indirect objects while learning about, for example, the Nazca lines or tango dancing. We have also included a wealth of images and videos to bring that cultural content to life. Students will be able to watch those videos and enjoy those photos at home and teachers will be able to use them in class as a spring board for listening comprehension activities or as a starting point for discussing cultural issues. Our ultimate goal is that, even though this is an advanced grammar course, and therefore focused on the analysis of grammatical concepts, culture permeates the text, adding a extra layer of content.

Premium content

The portion of the book available for purchase offers the additional benefits of a personalized learning experience suitable for indivdual, at-home learners as well as for students in a classroom setting. Included in this portion of the book are the syllabus, assignments, and exercises for language work. In those assignments that are automatically graded, students will get not only feedback as to whether their answer was correct or not, but they will also find a brief explanation as to why the correct answer is so. This feedback will prove invaluable as they study and review material. Also as part of the premium content, students will be able to take personalized notes on every page, keeping them for further reference and study of those sections.